Who doesn’t love Dodgeball? If you do, find a Dodgeball League or tournament in Long Beach, CA and meet like-minded folks ready for a war. After all, you can’t play Dodgeball alone.

Volitude Sports has been serving Southern California with well organized and competitive Dodgeball leagues for over 10 years! Leagues are offered almost every day of the week. Los Angeles and Orange County’s Premiere Dodgeball Leagues with most games being played at locations close to home or work. Patches O’Houlihan would have been proud! Join our Dodgeball League Long Beach today.

dodgeball league Long Beach

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Dodgeball was originally played in Africa over two hundred years ago, but instead of the fun, jocular game that it is today, it was in fact a deadly game. Instead of using soft, rubber balls, the game was actually played with large rocks or putrefied matter, and it was used as an intense work out for the tribes, where each competitor would attempt to hit their opponent with the rock to injury or incapacitate them. Once a player was hit, they would attempt to be pelted by further rocks to finish them off. It would be the responsibility of the team mates of the fallen competitor to try and defend him and force the attackers off with their own rocks. This would said to be a great way to encourage the tribesman to work together during skirmishes against other tribes, working to take out the weak and protect their own. Dodgeball League Long Beach

In 1884, St. Mary’s College played host to a number of their colleagues from Yale University. Included within that party was Phillip Ferguson. Philip Ferguson is generally regarded as the person most responsible for taking dodgeball over to America and popularizing it. He saw the boys of St. Mary’s College playing and he hit upon an idea for the game that would make it quicker and faster. He brought in the idea of playing within a set area, with teams on either side of the pitch. Once the sport made it back across the pond to America, it was there that the details of the sport we know today were fleshed out. 1905 saw the first official rules drawn up, which included the rules regarding players coming in after a catch and being hit once and you were out. With the colleges across America playing each other, it enabled the sport to spread like wildfire. News of this emerging sport made its way back to England, and the American popularized rules became the norm for which all dodgeball matches were played. Schools up and down the country would play for fun, but it was the film of the sport in 2004 that brought the whole world’s attention to the sport. The only place that the original sport is played is St. Marys College, when they host their Yale brethren for a match, every 4 years, to honor the founding fathers of the sport, and the African innovators. Dodgeball League Long Beach


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