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Volitude Sports has been serving Southern California with well organized and competitive volleyball leagues for over 10 years! Leagues are offered almost every day of the week. Los Angeles and Orange County’s Premiere Adult Volleyball Leagues with most games being played at locations close to home or work.  Adult Coed 4v4 Beach Volleyball League Downey coming soon to Apollo Park!  Currently our Adult Coed 4v4 League is offered Saturday Morning/Afternoons in the Belmont Shore area of Long Beach.  Details below…


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volleyball league Downey

The true “birth” of “beach volleyball” apparently began on the beaches of Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, at the Outrigger Canoe Club in 1915. From the moment that this first recorded game in Hawaii took place, this outdoor game of volleyball has continued to be played and known as “beach volleyball” rather than just “volleyball.” The Outrigger Canoe Club was founded in 1908 by a small group of Honolulu’s business and professional community. The Club’s original mission was to help perpetuate traditional Hawaiian sports. They began so that they could make sure “the native and small-boy” could “doff their duds and mount their surf boards at will” as they enjoyed the waves of Waikiki. It became a place where man could commune with the sun, the sand and the sea, along with good fellowship and the aloha spirit. Beach Volleyball League Downey.

Standard Beach Volleyball Leagues consists of the same basic rules as indoor volleyball, only three touches to return the ball, and any ball hitting the ground will result in a point scored. A match consists of three sets; the first two sets are played to 21 points, and the last set is played to 15 points.  Some of the more social beach volleyball leagues may play all 3 sets to 21 points. Coed matches typically have 2 female and 2 male players on the court during play, with a minimum of 1 female player. The court itself is 16×8 meters, which is smaller than a regulation size indoor volleyball court. The biggest difference between indoor and sand volleyball is the court floor. Beach Volleyball is played on sand where movements will become slower and vertical jump height are generally not as high. Sand tends to be more difficult to move on, which often leads to a great workout and can cause you to become tired faster. Running on the beach, practicing smaller steps, timing jumps, and moving laterally on the sand as much as possible will help players build your endurance up outside of practice. During beach volleyball leagues players can use any part of their body to return the ball, including also being able to kick the volleyball. However, throwing, holding, and catching the ball during a match is not allowed. The only technique that must be done by the arm is serving. An important tip to remember during the game is to communicate regularly. There are only two players on each side of the court, so it is often possible that both players may go after the ball at the same time. To avoid any injury, calling for the ball is important and communicating with your teammates improves your chances of winning the point. Beach Volleyball League Downey.

With the combination of sand, movement and sun, it is important that the right clothing is worn during beach volleyball leagues. Many beach volleyball players prefer to wear breathable or loose clothing like tank tops and shorts, which can help keep you cool and make it easy to move more quickly in. For footwear, players tend to play barefoot or wear soft sand socks. Since beach volleyball is normally played outside, the sand can get hot and potentially injure your feet. Sand socks are a great way to prevent burns, help keep your feet cool, and allow you to get proper footing in the sand. They also help out to keep your feet warm during cold weather or after a recent rain when the sand is wet. Of course, the most important item to have is the beach volleyball itself. When comparing the ball to an indoor volleyball the size is slightly bigger, the weight is lighter, and it is also much softer to the touch. These qualities allow for longer hang time in the air, giving the player more time to react to the ball and confidence when returning it. Beach Volleyball League Downey.


4v4 Coed Beach Volleyball League in Belmont Shore – Intermediate & Beginner Divisions with Set Teams. Games 9am-1pm Saturday Mornings in Belmont Shore (Granada Beach)

  • Advanced Coaching Sessions available for schedule on weekends and weeknights
  • 7 Weeks of (2) 1 Hour Matches (Double Headers) including Playoffs
  • 2 Divisions for All Skill Levels – Beginner, Beg-intermediate, Intermediate, Intermediate-adv
  • Games are played Saturday Mornings (9am- 1pm) on the sand in Belmont Shore
  • 4v4 Adult Coed (3-4 players on the court at a time – at least 1 female player)
  • Sign up as an Individual Player, Small Group, or a Team (min 6 players/team)
  • League Dri-Fit Shirt & Sponsor Bar Discounts Included
  • Side contests, Prizes, Giveaways, New Friends, and More!

Southern California 4v4 Adult Coed Long Beach year-round Beach Volleyball League.  22 Teams and over 150 Beach Volleyball participants in Long Beach, CA.  Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Sport Leagues in Long Beach, CA.  Adult Coed Leagues in Long Beach. Beach Volleyball League Downey coming soon!


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